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MOC&I's approach to consultancy projects is extremely flexible offering a bespoke service tailored to specific client requirements.

In addition to consultancy services MOC&I is in a position to provide financial investment on either an equity and/or loan basis.

  • Aboda Living
    Development capital, commercial expertise, plot acquisition, build and sale of high end contemporary properties in Cheshire.
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  • LMO Property (LIMA)
    Investor and Director of expanding portfolio of commercial property focussed on the SME sector.
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  • Second Estates
    Investor and Board advisor developing UK holiday lets as a new asset investment class.
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  • The Garden
    Assisting co-founders' growth plans via strategic direction, commercial discipline and investment.
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  • Gold Medal
    Advised on turnaround of a £300m loss making business to prepare it for sale. Sold to Thomas Cook for £87m.
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  • Blue Sea Hotels
    Formation of new hotel company managing distressed assets on behalf of Spanish banks. Sold to Portobello Capital for €70m.
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MO Consultancy & Investment (MOC&I) was set up in 2005 by its founder and Managing Director, Mark Oakes. It was originally established to provide consultancy services to the travel sector where Mark had worked for the previous 14 years, but has since branched out covering a broad range of companies and individuals spanning several sectors including travel, construction, High St retail, e-commerce, digital media, commercial lettings and property development.

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