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MO Consultancy & Investment (MOC&I) was set up in 2005 by its founder and Managing Director, Mark Oakes. It was originally established to provide consultancy services to the travel sector where Mark had worked for the previous 14 years, but has since branched out covering a broad range of companies and individuals spanning several sectors including travel, construction, High St retail, e-commerce, digital media, commercial lettings and property development.


Depending on client requirements MOC&I is able to offer a variety of solutions ranging from operational roles on an interim and/or project management basis, to advisory non executive counsel and mentoring. Since 2005 MOC&I has been actively involved and/or advised on company restructures and turnarounds, start-ups, MBO's, JV's, due diligence, fund raising, acquisitions and disposals, and executive recruitment.


In addition to consultancy work, MOC&I manages an active portfolio of companies focussing on the SME sector providing investment as well as strategic direction and support to the operational management teams.

The MOC&I approach to any business is always tailored to the clients request with no two companies ever requiring exactly the same input or advice. By the same token there are some very basic principles that can be applied to any business, but all too often these are ignored or overlooked for a host of reasons. This is where the use of MOC&I's experience and expertise can prove invaluable.

Current investments

  • Aboda
  • The Garden Creative Marketing
  • Second Estates
  • LMO Property (LIMA)


MOC&I considers simplicity and clear, honest communication as core to any successful business. It adapts a commercial and pragmatic approach to each company it works with and when assessing opportunities has to be convinced that it can add benefit , always considering the values of both the business and key stakeholders as part of the decision making process.

MO Consultancy