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In addition to consultancy services MOC&I is in a position to provide financial investment on either an equity and/or loan basis. MOC&I specifically focuses on the SME sector, particularly with either start-ups or companies seeking to fund their next stage of growth.

Whilst its investment criteria is flexible, MOC&I looks for the following attributes when assessing investment opportunities:


  • Capital requirements of up to £3m
  • Northwest location
  • Strategic and/or complimentary to existing portfolio
  • Talented and experienced management teams
  • Well researched business plans and strategies
  • Attractive prospects for organic or acquisition-based growth
  • Strong yields on capital invested
  • 3-5 year exit strategies

As well as providing investment capital MOC&I takes an active role in any investment usually in the form of Non-Executive Directorships, thus not only providing cash but experience and guidance to the operational management team.

Current investments

  • Aboda
  • The Garden Creative Marketing
  • Second Estates
  • LMO Property (LIMA)
MO Consultancy